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Garden Design Process

If you're interested in the process behind my designs take a look at some example drawings below.

Please bear in mind that a survey is needed of any space before the design process can commence.

Stage 1 - concepts

When you commission me to design your garden I lend you  some books from my library to look at and to tag up pictures. This gives us both a visual reference for the style and theme of the garden.

Then I work to put these ideas into the context of your own garden by drawing sketched plan proposals - I normally draw two options, sometimes more. This is a combination of plans and elevation sketches.

I will then meet with you to discuss the initial drawings as well as looking at any relevant reference images, and hopefully decide on a preferred layout.

Stage 2 -
final plans

Once a final layout plan is agreed upon and any adjustments have been made to the concepts I can go ahead and draw up a final plan.

I draw up one plan in colour, and one plan in black and white that I call the contractor's plan - this is annotated and includes all the measurements that are needed on site.

I also include elevation drawings and specifications  at this stage where necessary.

I mostly draw by hand but also do some plans using CAD.

Planting plan

The planting can be designed once the final plan is complete, or can be provided as a standalone item for new gardens or revamped planting schemes.


A fully drawn up plan is not always necessary unless you specifically want one to keep, but clients are always provided with a planting proposal outlining which plants will be in the scheme, along with a photo of each plant, and an idea of what season they flower in as well as whether or not they are evergreen. A plant list is also provided.

The planting scheme really dictates the feel of the finished garden and plant choices are very personal - I work with you to achieve your unique scheme.

I create the majority of my plans on a computer.

I can then quote to supply the plants and plant your garden.

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